Tools & Add-Ons

The following is a list of TeXnicCenter related tools and add-ons.

The following types of tools are listed:

  • TeX Distributions: To produce output (i.e. DVI or PDF documents) from the (La)TeX documents you have created using TeXnicCenter, you will need a TeX distribution for windows. TeX distributions contain the several TeX and LaTeX compilers and packages and document classes.
  • Language Packs: The TeXnicCenter setup you can Opens internal link in current windowdownload from this page, contains an english an a german language pack. Additional language packs, that translate TeXnicCenter's user interface into other languages are listed here.
  • Wizards: TeXnicCenter provides an COM-interface, that allows the implementation of wizards for creating documents or projects.
  • Other: A list of tools that do not fit into one of the other sections.





TeX Distributions


An uptodate TeX implementation for Windows used by many users all about the world.

This is the recommended TeX distribution for use together with TeXnicCenter!

Install MiKTeX before you install TeXnicCenter and the TeXnicCenter output profiles will be created automatically.


Christian Schenk

Language Packs


1 Beta 6.31

Eric Dupuis


Texoo Project Wizard

General purpose, template based project wizard. Works similar to TeXnicCenter's standard template mechanism, but provides the possibility to define variables inside template files which will be replaced by values entered in a dialog on project creation.

> 1 Beta 5.00

Eric Dupuis


TXCuserTools Tool

Allows addition of user tools to the TeXnicCenter 'Tools' menu via windows command line. May be usefull especially for installation purpose.

> 1 Beta 6.00

Eric Dupuis

*Note: The 'Version' column specifys the TexnicCenter versions, the add-ons are known to work with. You should only use the add-on, when your TeXnicCenter version matches the specified one.

If you are missing a tool here, or if you want to correct some of the information above, please create a new or reopen an existing issue of type 'Tools List Request' for the project 'TeXnicCenter Web Site' in our Opens external link in current windowIssue Tracker.