TeXnicCenter User Interface
TeXnicCenter User Interface

TeXnicCenter is extremly feature rich, but still easy to handle. We cannot give you a list of all the features here, but the following is an overview of the most important ones:

  • Project orientated, integrated development environment for LaTeX-documents
  • Definition of unlimited "output profiles" (i.e. "LaTeX => DVI", "LaTeX => PostScript", "LaTeX => PDF")
  • Editor:
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Dynamic word wrapping (you don't need to scroll horizontally)
    • Integrated spell checker, including realtime spell checking (checks while you are typing)
    • Highlighting of parenthesis
    • Unlimited undo and redo
    • Bookmarks
    • "Go to last change"
    • Incremental search
    • Find, find and replace
    • Fully customizable
  • Structure View:
    • Clear, document orientated tree view of the whole document structure
    • Displays headers, floating figures and tables, equations and a lot more
    • Supports file inclusion via input and include
    • Simple navigation by double clicking on an item
    • Simple referencing by inserting references with an item's context menu
    • Quickly updated by simply saving one or all files
  • LaTeX-support:
    • Simple insertion of LaTeX-constructs by menu or toolbar
    • Compilation of the project in the IDE - simple jumping to errors, warnings and bad boxes.
    • Support for forward and inverse search, together with viewers, which are supporting these features (i.e. YAP).
  • Support for document templates and wizards
  • Full customizable menu and toolbars in modern and skinable look and feel
  • Support for English and German language - other translations can be created by users
  • Distributed as open source software under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) and consequently available for free